RadioTAB (call sign: 4TAB) is a sport, horse racing and greyhound racing radio station in Australia, broadcast on 1008 AM from Brisbane and operated by Tabcorp.

Language: English.

Format: Racing, Sport.

First air date: 2 September 1935 / 1 January 1992

Call sign: 4TAB

Owner: Tabcorp

Broadcast area: Brisbane RA1

Sister stations


  • The TAB Breakfast Show The TAB Breakfast Show Gerard Daffy, Andrew Courtice and Paul Sawtell Monday -Friday 5:30 - 8:30am
  • RadioTAB's Racing Active RadioTAB's Racing Active Steve Hewlett Weekdays 8:30am - 12:00pm

Radio frequencies

RadioTAB broadcasts on AM or FM:

  • Brisbane 1008 AM
  • Townsville 891 AM
  • Maryborough 1161 AM
  • Adelaide 1539 AM
  • Hobart 1080 AM
  • Port Augusta 87.6 FM
  • Ceduna 102.1 FM
  • George Town 88.0 FM
  • Darwin 1242 AM
  • Launceston 1008 AM


Reviews about radio station

  • Bob Knight
    Why can’t Steve Hulett give the scratchings for all States
  • Tony Gibson
    Since Radio 4TAB has moved to Sydney it has lost all credibility. This use to be not to miss 3 hrs of informative, humorous rapt of all sports. If Michael Clark doesn’t talk about himself he has nothing to say. Laurie Daley a 10/10 footballer a 1/10 radio presenter. Please bring back the Qld version and you will gain the thousands of listeners you lost. By feeding us this Z Grade shows how you value your Qld listeners.
  • OMG
    Please bring back Paul and Andrew. Sorry, this show is FIXED on rugby league and South Sydney. It's not a rocket science game.
  • Robert Blohberger
    I really can't believe you axed the Queensland show . All you get now is the crap from Sydney. They were funny and loved the content off the show. Bring them back
  • Michael Winton
    Can’t believe your station has axed the radio tab breakfast show . The only show worth listening to on any radio station!! The commentators work well together their dry wit humour , knowledge of all sports and giving an opinion from the normal living folk not sugar coating things or being politically correct. 7 year listener sad to see the show go.. your replacement show won’t get any where near the show your axing 🤔
  • Tony WONKA
    Steve Hewlett, its easier to talk to king charles, been trying to contact you for months can u email me have some info tonyw51@hotmail.com.au ex Firstholme syndications
  • John Hurst
    Attn: Steve Hewlett. I’ve noticed Samantha Collett is not riding at recent meetings. Do you know what’s happening with her..?
  • rooster1 H
    Paul could you asked Steve H if a 4kg claim jockey and use a whip during a race meeting regards Noel H
  • noel hillier
    Radio TAB great radio station, Gerard, i have one q, can an apprentice jockey with 4kg, claim. Can they use a whip during a race as Chelsea from NSW has never used a whip during a race