3AW is a talkback radio station based in Melbourne, broadcast on 693 AM and DAB+ 9B. Began work on 22 February 1932 as Melbourne's fifth commercial radio station. The station is owned by Nine Entertainment Co. Here you will hear the breaking news, opinions and information on what’s happening locally and around the country, as well as sports news.

Language: English.

Format: Talk, News, Sport.

First air date: 22 February 1932

Call sign: 3AW

Owner: Nine Entertainment Co

Broadcast area: Melbourne RA1

Stations Nine Entertainment Co.


  • Breakfast Breakfast Ross Stevenson, Russel Howcroft Weekday, 5:30–8:30am
  • Mornings Mornings Neil Mitchell Mon–Fri, 8:30am–12pm
  • Afternoons Afternoons Dee Dee Dunleavy Mon–Fri, 12–3:00pm
  • 3AW Drive 3AW Drive Tom Elliott Weekdays, 3–6pm
  • Sportsday Sportsday Gerard Healy Mon–Thu, 6–7pm
  • Nights Nights Denis Walter Mon–Fri, 8pm–12am
  • Australia Overnight Australia Overnight Tony Moclair Weeknight, 12–5:30am
  • Weekend Breakfast Weekend Breakfast Darren James Sat, 6–11am / Sun, 6–8am, 9–10am
  • The Twilight Zone The Twilight Zone David Schwarz, Mark Allen Sat–Sun, 5–7pm


3AW Radio broadcasts in the following cities on AM:

  • Melbourne 693 AM


Reviews about radio station

  • Adam M.
    Tom Elliot....is disgrace!!! Definitely supporting killing and violence.