3MP is a commercial radio station, broadcast at 1377 AM, and DAB+ digital radio, located in Rowville, plays in Easy listening format. The station licensed to serve Melbourne, owned by Ace Radio.

Language: English.

Format: Easy Llistening.

Genres: Pop, Rock.

First air date: 22 July 1976

Call sign: 3MP

Owner: Ace Radio

Broadcast area: Melbourne RA1


  • Sunday Celebrations. Sunday Celebrations. Grant Johnstone. Sunday at 8am
  • Jon and Julie Jon and Julie J. Vertigan, J. Strini Weekdays 5.30am - 9.00am
  • Talking Fishing Talking Fishing David Kramer, Adam Ring Saturday mornings at 6am
  • Mark Taylor Mark Taylor Sunday nights from 6pm
  • Relish with Kate Stevenson Relish with Kate Stevenson Celebrating Food and Wine Each Saturday morning at 8



  • Melbourne 1377, DAB+ 9A


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