4KQ is a commercial radio station in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia owned by ARN, main programming component is its Classic Hits music format. News are aired hourly weekdays, with an increased half-hourly frequency during the Breakfast programme. Traffic reports are aired hourly, with an 15-minute frequency during the weekday Breakfast programme, and 20-minute frequency the weekday Drive programme.

Slogan: "The home of 'Good Times & Great Classic Hits'"

Language: English.

Format: Classic Hits, News, Traffic.

Genres: Pop, Rock.

First air date: 7 May 1947

Call sign: 4KQ

Owner: Australian Radio Network (ARN)

Broadcast area: Brisbane, QLD

Local Radio Stations Pure Gold Network

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Radio Programs 4KQ Brisbane

  • Laurel, Gary & Mark Laurel, Gary & Mark Weekday morning from 5:30am – 9am
  • Nick Michaels Nick Michaels Weekdays 2pm-7pm
  • Sunday Morning 60s Sunday Morning 60s Sunday from 6am-12pm

Frequency 4KQ


  • Brisbane 693

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