ABC Country


ABC Country
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  • Playlist

    • Carly Pearce - We Don’t Fight Anymore {ft. Chris Stapleton}
    • Doug Mansfield - Half Price Margarita Night
    • Karli June - Feel Like Home {ft. Ryan Langdon}
    • Davidson Brothers - Take Me To The Mountains
    • Sierra Ferrell - Fox Hunt

  • Top Songs

    • 1 Kristy Cox - Let It Burn
    • 2 Darlinghurst - Unapologetic
    • 3 Andy Golledge - Young, Dumb & Wild
    • 4 Katie Brooke - Too Far Down
    • 5 The Counterfeit - Ringo Come To Fight


ABC Country is a public radio station available on DAB+ digital radio, mobile devices and the Internet. Some stand-alone repeaters in Western Australia and Queensland also broadcast the station's programming. It is owned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Transmits Australian country music (about 70% Australian content, including about 5% indigenous Australian music). Broadcasts some programs, such as Early Morning Country and Saturday Night Country, from local ABC radio.

Slogan: "Australia's home of country music"

Language: English.

Format: Country.

Owner: Australian Broadcasting Corporation


  • Saturday Night Country Saturday Night Country Beccy Cole Sat, 10:05pm -1am
  • See full schedule <a href="">here</a>. See full schedule here.


ABC Country Radio broadcasts in the following cities:

  • State and Territory Capitals : DAB+ 9C


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