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  • Playlist

    • Coldrain - Paradise (kill The Silence)
    • Spyair - Wadachi
    • Deadlift Lolita - It's Sou Time!!
    • One Ok Rock - Broken Heart Of Gold
    • Nct U - Make A Wish (birthday Song)


    SBS PopAsia Radio is an Australian digital pop radio station owned by the Special Broadcast Service. Broadcasts music, primarily from East Asia and Southeast Asia, on DAB+ digital format in Australian state capitals. Plays the best and latest Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Filipino pop songs.

    Slogan: "Australia's #1 radio station for pop music from Asia"

    Language: English, Multilingual.

    Format: Community.

    Genres: Multicultural.

    First air date: January 2011

    Owner: Special Broadcasting Service


    • BTS Hit Zone BTS Hit Zone Broadcasts music from prominent South Korean boy band BTS Wednesday, 9 - 11 pm
    • K-Drama OST K-Drama OST This music from Korean drama soundtracks. Thu. 11am - 12pm, Sun. 7 - 8am
    • Girl Group Alumni Girl Group Alumni Latest PopAsia releases and hits from girl groups. Thursday, 7 - 10pm
    • We Love Boybands. We Love Boybands. Airs music from Asian boy bands., 6 - 9pm, Sun. 4 - 6pm


    SBS PopAsia broadcasts in the following cities:

    • State and Territory Capitals : DAB+ 9C


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